David Mason

Founder, Educator, & Webmaster

The mission of EnglishTutorsOnline is to provide friendly, expert, individualized English learning experiences to the complete satisfaction of all clients at all times.

About EnglishTutorsOnline

EnglishTutorsOnline.com was founded by Mr. David Mason, M. Ed.–a vibrant and innovative teacher with a passion for English language, learning, and literature. Believing fully in the potential of online learning environments, Mr. Mason developed his Master of Education at the University of Minnesota in English/Teaching around technology’s impact on student engagement levels, learning outcomes, and the overall responses that students have toward the integration of educational technology in the classroom. He has been employed by Mesa County District 51 in Grand Junction, CO for the past five years and is currently teaching 8th grade literacy. He taught developmental writing for 7 years at Western Colorado Community College, a division of Colorado Mesa University. A professional teacher and tutor with documented and recommended success at both the high school and college levels, Mr. Mason has taught and tutored hundreds of students for thousands of hours!

  • "Ten weeks ago, the idea of me getting 100% on a writing project seemed crazy."
    Melissa J. S.
    Nursing Student, Mother, & Wife

  • "You're professional, friendly and communicate well. You were awesome with our daughter, and I can't say enough about you."
    Aimee C.
    Happy Mother of Student

  • "You were great at helping me understanding how to start my essays and develop my thesis."
    Emily C.
    College & Honors Student

  • "After having hired several personal face-to-face teachers without substantial change, I finally found the right company."

    Jerome G
    French Army Liaison Officer

  • The tremendous growth David's students show on statewide reading and writing assessments is a testament to how effective he is as an educator.
    David D., M.Ed.
    Teacher, 8 Years Experience

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