I got my book published and printed 400 copies for my speaking engagement. I sold 370 of them. It was great!  The finished product looks great. Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this happen for me.”  –Curtis H. from Hairston Global Protective Services, Inc.

Professional Proofreading Services

How It Works

We guarantee you’ll receive a grammatically flawless document along with all of the revisions
and markings we’ve made, so you can study them and learn from your mistakes.

  • Purchase or claimPaid memberships include monthly proofreading benefits our Proofreading Services through our eShop
  • Submit your documents
  • Receive your documents within your included turnaround24 Hrs: Up to 2,000 words | 48 Hrs: 2,000-4,000 words | 36 Hrs: 4,000-6,000 words | 5 or More Business Days: 6,000 words or more. We will contact you as soon as we review your documents and provide you an exact return time. time
  • Rush service, when available, can be purchased for an additional cost
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What You Get

  • A grammatically flawless document, returned within your purchase’s turnaround time
  • A “ready-for-press” final draft
  • An “edited” draft that allows you to see all our changes

Employment Search Documents

Get an edge on the competition: Let masters of the English language scour your resume, cover letter, and/or employment application for errors that can cost you an interview–and a job. When you send your professional information to a prospective employer after we’ve had our eyes on it, you can rest assured it will be aesthetically pleasing, grammatically flawless, and structurally sound!

Web Documents

Are you a great developer who needs help making the content on your site shine? We’ll proofread your content to make it appealing and lively, as well as make sure it’s grammatically flawless. We’ll be sure to follow SEO best practices, too. Are you a busy blogger who needs to focus on content, not perfection? Let us fine-tune your grammar, so you can move on to writing your next post. Are you a software developer who needs a little help with your product description, FAQs, and support pages? We can make those shine, too.

Academic Documents

We will proofread any homework assignment, academic essay, research paper, term paper or college admission essay for citation errors, typos, grammatical errors and spelling errors, as well as evaluate your voice and word choice. These critical areas, if left unattended, can damage an otherwise good academic paper. We do not write papers; rather, we offer a “tune-up” service that improves the performance of the already functioning vehicle for English expression that you bring to us!

Graduate Level Documents

We proofread Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations alike. We’ll communicate with you along the way in a friendly and professional manner. We know how much money, time and energy you’re putting into your graduate degree, and we’ll make sure your writing shines when it goes before your professors and/or committee. We know it’s going to be a big document, so we’ll work with you to develop a turnaround schedule that works for you.

Business Documents

Are you an upper level administrator who needs to produce professional emails, memos, presentations, and proposals on a regular basis? Are you in charge of writing and distributing monthly newsletters or updates to your customers? You focus on the content and leave the rest up to us. Submit your writing to us and tell us when you need it back. You can relax knowing you’ll have a perfect piece of writing every single time.

“The proof is in the details.”

Perfect Your Document

  • "Ten weeks ago, the idea of me getting 100% on a writing project seemed crazy."
    Melissa J. S.
    Nursing Student, Mother, & Wife

  • "You're professional, friendly and communicate well. You were awesome with our daughter, and I can't say enough about you."
    Aimee C.
    Happy Mother of Student

  • "You were great at helping me understanding how to start my essays and develop my thesis."
    Emily C.
    College & Honors Student

  • "After having hired several personal face-to-face teachers without substantial change, I finally found the right company."

    Jerome G
    French Army Liaison Officer

  • The tremendous growth David's students show on statewide reading and writing assessments is a testament to how effective he is as an educator.
    David D., M.Ed.
    Teacher, 8 Years Experience