"I got my book published and printed 400 copies for my speaking engagement. I sold 370 of them. It was great!...The finished product looks great. Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this happen for me."
Curtis Hairston
Author: Who Is Watching While They Pray? | Hairston Global Protective Services, Inc.

"I am now taking my second nursing class. I had three papers due last week and I only had 1 point taken off for grammar errors. Ten weeks ago, the idea of me getting 100% on a writing project seemed crazy."

Melissa J. S.
Nursing Student, Mother, & Wife

"I know when I first gave my professor my essay, it wasn't that bad. I was at a better writing level than some of my classmates. You were great at helping me understanding how to start my essays and develop my thesis. You helped me understand how to develop the main point and not beat around the bush. I like being able to go anywhere I want to get the tutoring--the libarary, or whatever. All I have to do is log on to the computer. I don't have to worry about getting ready."
Emily C.
College & Honors Student

I am French and live in the States. For that reason, improving my English as a second language is vital. My colleagues and friends do not dare correct me; hence, I often repeat the same mistakes endlessly.

With ETO, I found a teacher who was able to identify the problems in my English and develop strategies to correct them.

After having studied English during 12 years of school with miserable results, and having hired several personal face-to-face teachers without substantial change, I finally found the right company.  Moreover, the crew is reliable and always in a good mood. And last but not least, all the IT tools ETO uses make a very friendly learning environment. It would not be better if the teacher were in the same physical room.

Jerome G
French Army Liaison Officer

I taught with [founder] David Mason for three years at the middle school level. During that time, I saw an educator who was always willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed in his literacy classes. He has always been on the cutting edge for incorporating technology into his instruction and is very comfortable with looking for new ways that technology can help him provide quick and detailed feedback to each of his students .
It was very evident throughout the time I taught on the same team as David that students like and respect him as a teacher. The tremendous growth David's students show on statewide reading and writing assessments is a testament to how effective he is as an educator. In my eight years in the teaching profession, David stands out as being one the most creative and innovative teachers I have ever worked with.
David DeFord, M.Ed
Master Teacher
8 Years Experience
David D., M.Ed.
Teacher, 8 Years Experience

"It's so great because kids are so busy and to be able to get tutoring online is just easy. When my daughter was really sick and needed to catch up, she was able to get the help that she needed. She carried what she learned from you with her into college. You're professional, friendly and communicate well. You were awesome with our daughter, and I can't say enough about you."
Aimee C.
Happy Mother of Student

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